Good Place To Live

- Brittany
I love Heritage Estates. I feel completely safe here, because itís a gated community. There are no parking passes needed, because there is plenty of parking. There are garages for rent, and what Iíve seen is most people rent them out for extra storage.
The pool is the best part of the complex. There is a giant hot tub and two gas grills for outdoor cooking. The pool area is quiet during the weekdays, but on the weekend everybody comes out to enjoy the sun! I love the community center and the gym. They JUST re-modeled both, and theyíre beautiful. The gym is very basic, which I like. Two treadmills, two olipticles, a small yoga room, weights and a few basic weight machines, and three TVís.
I live in a one bedroom apartment with no balcony and I think itís great. Itís less than a $1000 dollars, not including water and electricity. But, when I add up my rent, water and electricity per month, itís still significantly cheaper than a one bedroom apartment in my home state of NJ.
When my boyfriend and I first moved in, we thought itís the right amount of space. We have a good dining room, where the washer and dryer are located, behind doors. There is a good size living room, a small cute kitchen and a giant bedroom. Our bedroom has a big walk in closet and a beautiful sun room. I swear, the sunroom is the best part. I use it as my yoga room. The walls are painted a creamy beige with carpets in most of the rooms. Tile is used in the kitchen, sunroom, bathroom and entrance. There are outlets EVERYWHERE for great electronic convenience. But, now that my boyfriend and I are buying more stuff, we need a bigger apartment, lol. We want to upgrade to a 2 bedroom with a balcony.
The staff is incredible. The two property managers, Shantelle and Haley are friendly and helpful. We had a dog barking problem when our neighborís dog would bark from 5am-11am, Haley and Shantelle took care of the problem and we got our sleep back! The maintenance crew goes above and beyond their duties. They respond to calls promptly. My boyfriend and I had a very bad mold situation in our bathroom. Maintenance came that day and fixed the broken leak from the apartment above us, then took out our drywall the next day. After a week of repairs, our bathroom was clean and mold free! Our stove top plates were really gross with crusty food on them. I asked maintenance their advice how to clean them, and they just gave me new ones! How nice!
The only bad thing about Heritage Estates is how thin the walls are. We can hear EVERYTHING above us. I swear, the people above us must walk around with steal boots or weightlift, because we hear loud BOOMS all the time. We donít hear our neighbors next to us, though, just above us. When we renew our lease, we are DEF getting a second story place; if not weíre leaving. I seriously canít stand the noise all day. Itís even worse at night, because my boyfriend and I go to bed at 10pm, and our neighbors above us stay up until midnight, and we hear everything.
The location of Heritage Estates couldnít be more perfect. Just down the street is the Waterford Lake Shopping Mall, which include a wide variety of great stores like, Regal Cinemas, American Eagle, Chucky Cheese, CPK, Sports Authority, just to name a few. There are over 7 different grocery stores in less than 2 miles from here.
The community of people here are quite diverse. There are young adults here, graduate students, undergrads, families, and senior citizens. Everyone is friendly. Almost everyone owns a dog, and there is a small gated ďdog parkĒ for the doggies to run around without a leach.
I highly recommend this place. If you can get a 2nd story apartment, I think thatís your best bet, but youíll be happy with a first story if you donít mind the noise. Hopefully, itís just my apartment with the thin walls, and not yours. Iím happy with the place, and Iím hoping to renew my lease next year.