- Vicky & Peter Merola'
Yesterday we had to give our notice to vacate and I almost cried telling the manager! We have lived here for two years and the reason we are moving is because of job transfer! We have never lived in apartment till now and was Leary of renting an apartment instead of going with leasing a home but the rent price was perfect along with all the amenities we took a chance and prepared to leave in the end of first lease! We signed another year without a thought! The whole staff is like family! The place is soooo clean and if there is a maintenance call it is done asap!! It is also sooo close to all needs for all ages! Most of all it is Safe!!this is why we feel sad we are moving! We are leaving our " family" but we know we can always come back if need to!! You never know?? Sincerely, Vicky merola